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Four perspectives on Norrbotten

KUST Hotell & Spa envelops you in materials and colours that reflect the whole length of the Piteälven River – from mountain to coast. Our four suites create a story all by themselves, showcasing the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. You’ll sleep just as sweetly no matter which one you choose, but the different themes will reveal new discoveries every time you visit.

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How to travel to KUST

  • Fly

    The nearest airports are Luleå Airport and Skellefteå airport. Taxi transfer to the hotel takes about 40 minutes (Luleå airport), 1 hr 15 mins (Skellefteå airport).

  • Train

    Älvsbyn Train Station or Luleå Train Station.

  • Bus

    Bus to Piteå Bus station. Then take a short 5 minute walk to the hotel.

  • Taxi

    We recommend Piteå Taxi, +46(0)911-80 000.