Discover 14 storeys of new perspectives

Hold your conference at KUST Hotell & Spa in Piteå, Swedish Lapland’s newest design hotel. We’ve invested a lot of expertise and love in creating a conference floor that conveys the story of the entire journey of the Piteälven River from mountain to shore. We call it KUSTification – our own quality assurance, which you can taste in our coffee bar, feel in your encounters with the staff and breathe in in the atmosphere.

Rooms to inspire
We had you in mind when we created our conference rooms. Different kinds of meetings, industries and individuals have different needs and wishes. Our conference rooms are designed to reflect the local industries, which means that they are very different. But there are two things they all have in common – a unique atmosphere and great flexibility. A great conference is not just about working in an inspiring environment, it’s also about having access to new technology and creative analogue tools that make your job easier and more fun. And of course the perfect coffee to suit your individual taste, at any time of day. View all of our conference rooms here.

Refreshments to energise
At KUST, we think way beyond ordinary conference refreshments. We believe in relaxing breaks where you will be able to experience the flavours of a culinary journey from inland mountains to coast. Homemade sourdough bread with game delicacies and seafood delights. Refreshing smoothies and irresistible tartlets and cupcakes if you fancy something sweet. Throughout the day, our coffee bar will meet all your tea and coffee requirements, the latter always being made with newly ground beans. The lunches we serve are compiled with great care and passion so they look and taste exactly as we want them to, complementing our theme perfectly. Of course, we can adapt the food and refreshments to suit your wishes regarding schedule, activities and plans before and after the conference.

Services to maintain your flow
We at KUST know the technology and what it takes to make every meeting a success. For example, we can always provide an energy boost so your group keeps its motivation up all day. We offer health shots, creative mind exercises and a few minutes of much-needed activity. We also offer a conference service room with a copy machine, flip charts and materials you can go and get if the conditions of the meeting change – because that happens!

Feel free to talk to us about exciting, challenging, relaxing, delicious or otherwise appreciated activities for your conference. There are many alternatives, and even more possibilities.


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