About KUST

KUST Hotell & Spa is so much more than northern Sweden’s new design hotel. It’s a journey along the mighty Piteälven River, from the mountains in the north to the sea and archipelago in the south. A story in 14 chapters – or 14 storeys, if you will! Discover the highest skybar and spa terrace on the Norrland coast, 97 rooms, four unique suites that celebrate the seasons, a full-service conference floor, a renowned restaurant and a lounge with an international atmosphere. Discover your KUST!

Rooms & suites
Each room at KUST envelops you in materials and colours that reflect the whole length of the Piteälven River. Our four suites create a story all by themselves, showcasing the four seasons: spring, autumn, winter and summer. You’ll sleep just as sweetly no matter which one you choose, but the different themes will reveal new discoveries every time you visit us – your KUST.

Restaurang Tage
Our marvellous Restaurang Tage puts Piteå right at the top of the map of Sweden’s best restaurants. Perched on the 13th floor of the city’s new flagship KUST Hotell & Spa, it’s a modern classic overlooking half of the Norrbotten region. We at Restaurang Tage follow a simple cooking tradition, selecting seasonal ingredients and preparing everything on our top-notch barbecue. Meats are selected with care from quality farms, both local and global. And we always match our meals with the perfect drinks from the world’s foremost producers. If you go up one more flight, you’ll discover Bar Tage, where you can enjoy excellent aperitifs and of course drink in the view.

Sky bar
You won’t want to miss the highest skybar on the Norrland coast – it’s writing its very own chapter in the history of Piteå. Dizzyingly delicious drinks are served here on the 14th floor, against the backdrop of endless sea and forest. In summertime we have a rooftop bar with two outdoor terraces to cool off on. With a drink menu ranging from classic cocktails to hearty lagers, you have plenty to choose from – or why not let the bartender surprise you?

Lobby bar
Lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of our cosy lobby bar with its international atmosphere. A natural meeting place when you’re looking to connect, or just a great place to relax. We serve light meals like soups, salads and sandwiches, and there’s always an appetiser with your drink. You can also enjoy an excellent cup of coffee or something cooling while you mull your own thoughts or participate in lively conversation.

Come and visit our spa on the 8th floor. Feel the rich contrasts of nature’s products on your skin. Relax in our soothing pools on the spa terrace, or refresh yourself with an ice bath, then sweat it out in the dry sauna, year round. Book a massage and revitalising treatments tailored just for you, or enjoy a spa treatment with friends. The spa lounge and the sea view from the terrace are our way of giving you the mountain and the coast from the eighth storey, right in the middle of the coastal gem that is Piteå.

We had you in mind when we KUSTified our conference rooms. Different kinds of meetings, industries and individuals have different needs and wishes. The rooms are designed to reflect the local industries, which means that they all have very different appeals. But there are two things they all have in common – a unique atmosphere and great flexibility. Truly productive conferences are held in settings that inspire, with technology that delivers, and creative tools that make the conference easy and fun. And what would any meeting be without your favourite coffee, at any hour?

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Gift card

Treat someone special to a journey of discovery. A gift card to the KUST Hotell & Spa is a perfect way to show someone you care – a journey for all the senses, inspired by the glorious scenery and natural resources of the northern Swedish coast. Discover the symphony of flavours in our food and drink menus, treat yourself to the luxury of our spa and relaxation area, admire the changing of the seasons from floor to floor and become a part of the vibrant international atmosphere.