Treat yourself to a relaxing and vitalising facial that suits your skin type. Our facials are suitable for both women and men and are tailored to skin type.

Nimue AHA Treatment
35 min, 695 SEK
An effective yet mild treatment that provides a rejuvenating effect and visible results. Cleansing, enzyme peel and AHA as well as a finishing cream.

Nimue Facial Treatment
35 min, 695 SEK
A relaxing treatment tailored to the customer’s specific needs. Cleaning, enzyme-peeling, massage, face mask and finishing cream.

Nimue Booster Treatment
35 min, 795 SEK
A mild yet powerful booster treatment that gives your skin increased lustre, a finer texture and fades any pigmentation areas. Recommended for hyperpigmentation or skin exposed to negative environmental factors. Cleansing, enzyme peel, AHA, booster/ampoule adapted to your skin’s needs as well as a face mask, acupressure and a finishing cream.

Nimue Facial treatment with special mask
50 min, 995 SEK
A relaxing face treatment with a special mask. The perfect facial treatment for the skin’s well-being with moisture and nutrition for good reconstruction that gives you lustre.  Cleansing, enzyme peel, face mask, face, neck and scalp massage and end product

Nimue Deep Cleanser
50 min, 995 SEK
A classic, deep cleansing facial treatment that provides effective treatment results. Cleansing, enzyme-peel, AHA,  if needed booster / ampoule, massage, face mask and finishing cream.

Beautiful eyes
45 min, 595 SEK
Coloring of fringes and brows according to your wishes. Finish with shaping / picking of the brow.

Beautiful eyes with mask and lymph drainage
50 min, 750 SEK
A treatment that rejuvenates and drains as well as providing intensive moisturisation. Colouring of lashes and brows, shaping/plucking, eye serum and collagen/eye mask.

• Eye mask: 100 SEK
• Facial massage: 250 SEK
• Lash color: 295 SEK
• Brow color: 150 SEK
• Brow shaping and plucking: 150 SEK

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