Luxurious massage sessions using classic, aroma and hot stone techniques. You can choose how long you wish the treatment to be.

Classic massage
20 min, optional 395 SEK
35 min, optional 650 SEK 

50 min. full body 950 SEK

Swedish classic massage for weary and tense muscles.

Aroma massage
35 min, optional 750 SEK
50 min, full body 1050 SEK

A de-stressing massage treatment with organic oils and delightful aromas.

Hot stone massage
35 min, 550 SEK
50 min, 895 SEK

A relaxing massage with hot stones. A one-hour treatment includes dry brushing of the body, face cleansing and a facial massage.

Spa massage
35 min, optional 550 SEK 
50 min, full body 895 SEK 

A lighter flow massage where hard pressure is replaced by soft, stroking movements that make your body relax. The treatment also suits weary and tense muscles.