Rosacea Treatment
35 mins, 695 SEK

Customised skincare for those with sensitive and intolerant skin. This type of skin often needs to be protected, strengthened, moisturised and normalised when compared with other skin types. The rosacea treatment consists of cleansing, skin analysis, a calming mask and finishing creams.

Synchroline is an Italian medical skincare series with which our qualified skin therapists work, and with a simple home programme these can help your skin to feel better.

ROSACURE from SYNCHROLINE is a series of skincare products with a clinically documented effect on rosacea. The series consists of a mild cleanser and face lotion or Gentle Cleansing Gel. Protective and caring cream (INTENSIVE) with sunscreen and initial external intensive treatment, or in the event of acute flare-ups (FAST).

ROSACURE can be used on its own or in combination with other internal and/or external medical treatment.

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