Our That’so treatment combines a sun-kissed look with active skincare and contains natural and nutrient-rich ingredients that moisturise your skin and give increased elasticity and a gorgeous glow.

Who doesn’t want sun-kissed skin? That´so takes “tan without sun” treatments to a whole new level. No-one will be able to tell it’s not a real suntan and you can put on your clothes directly afterwards. The treatment is completely safe and a healthy alternative to sunbathing and the solarium. During the appointment we can decide together what colour is best, on the basis of your skin type. We recommend that you book a scrub before the treatment to achieve the best results.

• Full-body spray tan with scrub: 550 SEK
Facial cleanse and full-body scrub with a peeling glove and peeling product. After showering and drying, the body is sprayed.
• Full-body spray incl. face: 395 SEK
• Upper-body spray incl. face: 300 SEK
• Spray tan, optional body part: 250 SEK
Choose between legs, arms or face.

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About the product we use
At KUST Spa we work with the skincare brand That’so. The products are largely made from sugar cane which makes them unique. They are free from parabens and erythrulose which in many other “tan without sun” products results in the typical downsides such as orange tone, clogged pores, dry spots and that classic “tan without sun” smell. The colouring only contains natural substances. The product contains the active substance DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a sugar contained in human metabolism and used in cosmetic products since the 1970s. When applied to the skin, DHA combines with the skin’s own amino acids in the top layer of the skin. Within six hours, the desired suntan emerges. The optimal suntan is usually achieved within twenty-four hours.

To keep in mind before treatment
• Shower and scrub your body before you arrive (unless you have booked a treatment incl. scrub)
• Do not use an oil-based scrub
• Do not moisturise your body after showering, unless you have extremely dry areas (elbows, knees, cuticles)
• Make sure your body is free from makeup, moisturiser, perfume and deodorant.
• For the best results, plan to have body hair waxed and shaved at least one day before your spray tan.
• It is preferable to wear dark clothing, as loose fitting as possible.
• Bring underwear or a bikini for your tanning.

To keep in mind after your treatment
• Wait at least eight hours before showering.
• Do not use socks or boots directly after tanning.
• It is preferable to wear dark clothing, as loose fitting as possible.
• Wait with physical activities after your spray tan.
• Scrubbing, peeling, shaving and waxing will make the suntan pale quicker.
• It is best to use a moisturiser every day.
• Avoid using exfoliating products (scrubs) for a week after the spray tan. These products shorten the life of your suntan. Use these only before a spray tan or to remove the remains of an old suntan.