From outlooks to insights

Good conditions from the start, plus individual customisations, make every meeting a success. That’s why our conference rooms are designed based on the foundation we were given by the water, the forest and our history. We added to that the latest technology and a divinely good, nutritious snack to further boost energy levels and creativity at your meeting. The furnishings are set up according to the needs of each meeting and its participants. Discover conferences at KUST!


Seats 10-12, 23 sqm

BANBRYTAREN is inspired by the forest and timber as well as the importance of forestry and timber floating for the region’s incredible history and development.


Seats 10-12, 21 sqm

NYTÄNKAREN is a quiet tribute to one of the Piteälv River Valley’s most important industries, paper and packaging.


Seats 16-30, 38 sqm

Picture the migration of salmon and bleak from mountain to coast. Glacial waters meet springwater to form our unique brackish sea. This rooms takes inspiration from the fishing and hunting that region has to offer.


Seats 28-64, 68 sqm

Come in and discover the history of Piteå – soon to celebrate its 400th anniversary. INSPIRATÖREN shows you the city’s development right from the very start. Gain an insight into craftsmanship and learn more about why we are where we are.


Seats 14, 31 sqm

KREATÖREN was designed in collaboration with our local creative industries to develop an environment that stimulates creativity.

The banquet hall

Seats 149

The banquet hall is perfect for business events and other big get-togethers and happenings. We can seat 149 guests, have excellent sound and lighting facilities and can position the stage to best suit your needs.


3 cinemas, raked seating

Three cinemas with theatre seating and fantastic control of acoustics, image and sound. We can offer a total of 338 conference seats – the smallest cinema seats 66 and the largest seats 166. Located in the building/shopping centre next door.


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